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Martin’s Breakfast Pig-Wheels

Pinwheel Dough:
¼ c warm water in a bowl with yeast packet
pinch of salt and sugar
splash of oil
allow to bloom 10 minutes
add 2 c flour mix until blended into a dough ball roll in a bit of oil, cover with plastic and a towel and let rise 30 minutes

Sausage Filling:
we placed in a pan with a splash of oil and
½ c water
cover and let cook 20 minutes
cool and slice sausage

Roll dough out into rectangle
onto oiled parchment paper
Place cooked cooled sausage onto dough and
roll up carefully using oiled parchment to roll

Cut into 1-2 inch swirls and
place into greased muffin pan

6 eggs either one egg dropped into each muffin cup or scrambled in a bowl and then poured into each muffin cup about 1-2 tablespoons of egg

Bake 375* for 20-22 minutes

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